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STYX the Goddes of Water

14 October - 19 November 2017

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PREMIERE 14/10/2017
2nd year
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STYX 2nd year
Premiere: Oktober 14, 2017
Every Saturday and Sunday at 21.15
Tickets: 15€, 13€, 10€
*Special prices for groups (schools, dance schools etc.)

Tickets available from: 10/9/2017
Tel: 210 9011677
Online ticketing:
Last update 15/6/2017
The goddess of water STYX will travel to Platanias Trifylias, in the ancient stone open theater with a capacity of 1,300 audience, located at the edge of the village above the waterfalls of Neda, opposite Epicureus Apollo and ancient Figalleia, overlooking the Ionian Sea.
The performance will take place on 8 August 2017.



Last performance at PK Theater 28/5/2017

«STYX, the Goddess of Water»

72 minutes - 4 tons of water - 9 dancers – dancing on water.
A dive into Greek mythology.




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Contemporary dance for the first time ever makes a reference to the most representative goddess of Greek Mythology concerning water, the goddess Styx. Director and Choreographer Pavlos Kourtidis, after his last performance “Labyrinth” (Pallas Theater, May 2016), returns and faces a great challenge.

Dancing on Water

PK Theater’s stage is filled with 4 tons of water and the goddess Styx comes to life on stage for the first time.
A unique reimagination of the myth for Greece in 2017 from a daring perspective. A journey from ancient Greece to present day in which we will find references to Achilles’ heel, the daughter of Styx - Nike of Samothrace and the immortal waters of Alexander the Great. From ancient days until today water has always been worshipped in every known culture for its ability to give life. Through this daring performance, the myth comes alive on stage and the water becomes the “Dark-waters” of Tartara, the gates of Hades.

9 dancers take to the stage under the guidance of director Pavlos Kourtidis and find themselves “swimming” on Vasilis Tsentouros original music composition.

Facts you need to know about “STYX, the Goddess of Waters”:
• It took 8 months to complete the final cast of dancers through intensive workshops and auditions.
• The water passes in front of the audience without them ever getting wet.
• It took a special research and engineering to make the set fully waterproofed.
• As well as the recordings of the traditional musical instruments inside a studio for the music, there were recordings taken during rehearsals to create realistic water sounds.
• According to the myth the 1/10 of the Styx waters was destined for the oath of the Gods. The other 9/10 are flowing around Earth’s surface. That is what the 9 dancers represent.
• The whole project has been filmed from the very first day until its completion, and will be published.

Director, Choreographer, Lighting: Pavlos Kourtidis
Music composition: Vasilis Tsentouros
Costumes: Madga Kaloriti
Assistant Choreographer: Zoe Sotiropoulou
Production Manager: Sofia Karayianni
Production: PK Theater
Photography: Stavros Habakis
Video shooting: Zafeiris Haitidis
Video editing: Marianthi Matziri

On stage: Pavlos Kourtidis, Zoe Sotiropoulou, Ioanna Korina Palaska, Olia Mourouzidou, Aggelos Antonakos, Stefania Sotiropoulou, Maria Vathi, Elena Tsikala-Vafea

Premiere: April 22, 2017
Every Saturday and Sunday at 21.15
Tickets: 15€, 13€, 10€
*Special prices for groups (schools, dance schools etc.)

Tickets available from: March 20
Tel: 210 9011677
Online ticketing:





PK Theater,
30, Kasomouli str.
Metro station Neos Kosmos

Public Relations: Antonis Kokolakis
Εmail: kokolakispr@yahoo.gr / kokolakispr@gmail.com

*Special thanks to Coco-Mat Greece for the bathrobes
and to Nik Kartelias CO. for the isothermal shirts


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Performance times :

14/10/17-19/11/17 21:15

Running times


Ticket Price:

15.00 €

Pk theater - Kasomouli 30 & rene pyw 2, Τ.Κ. 11744, Neos Kosmos Athens - Tel.: +30 210 9011677 • Fax: •